W3Arena Interivew | 120 : Making UD great again


* 출처 (W3Arena) http://tft.w3arena.net/news/details/289/120++Making+UD+great+again/


* (발췌) - 인터뷰 부분 내용만 발췌 (골드리그 2016 Spring D조 2일차 경기 전 인터뷰)


You are very young, why did you chose to play WC3 and not another game like League of Legends?

WC3 is just more exciting.


Why did you chose to play UD, which is considered the weakest race in both Asia and Europe?

UD is the race with the most "energy" (ie always on the offense, on the aggressive side). And my favorite hero is the Lich!


From who did you get your inspiration to play UD so well?

Ted and WFZ. WFZ is the one that revolutionized the balance of the game vs orcs. He was a pioneer.


What did he change about the UD/Orc MU?

He studied the timing and the creeping routes of the Orcs to put pressure on them. They could not level up the BM as easily and get all the items they wanted.


How did you become so strong all of a sudden? 

Just learning from Ted and WFZ. I watch my own replays very carefully to find the perfect build and the perfect timing in all situations.



* (추가)  note on '120' name / interview condition


A note on 120's name :

They made fun of me at GCS for calling him OneTwenty. His name in Chinese is Yi Er Ling -> OneTwoZero. Time to adjust people!

Interview Conditions :

When ? On day 2 of Group D, 2 hours before his match against Lyn.

How ? With the help of Mrs Siriu, long time fan of Yumiko. She speaks english.

Where? In the practice room

This is my last day of coverage. I saw 120 a lot in the practice room but I could not really talk to him. On day 2, Foggy, Lyn, and 120 are the only players in the practice room. I am here with Sirui (the lady that broke my leg live on B2W ^^), she agrees to help me with the translation. 120 seems happy to talk to me. He is relaxed and smiling, not affected at all by the fact that he is about to play vs Lyn.


인터뷰 내용 번역은, 능력되는 분이 해주시면 감사하겠습니다.

※ W3Arena Interivew  

120 - http://www.war3.kr/bbs/board.php?bo_table=free&wr_id=4761

Lucifer - http://www.war3.kr/bbs/board.php?bo_table=free&wr_id=4801

Lyn - http://www.war3.kr/bbs/board.php?bo_table=free&wr_id=4802


Lv.77 트루샷  
649,600 (22.2%)

apm 80의 랜덤 플레이 유저입니다.



Q: 당신은 젊은 선수다. LOL 같은 다른 인기있는 게임 말고 워크3를 플레이하는 이유는?
A: 워크3가 더 재미있다.

Q: 왜 아시아와 유럽에서 최약체로 여겨지는 언데드를 선택했는가?
A: 언데드는 4종족 중 가장 에너지가 넘치는(공격적인 경기운영을 하는) 종족이고, 리치는 내가 가장 좋아하는 영웅이다.

Q: 언데드를 엄청나게 잘하게 되도록 영감을 준 사람은 누구인가?
A: Ted와 WFZ. 특히 WFZ는 대 오크전에 대변혁을 일으킨 개척자다.

Q: WFZ가 언-오전에서 무엇을 바꾸었는가?
A: 그는 오크를 압박하기 위해 블마의 크리핑 타이밍과 경로를 연구했다.  블마가 쉽게 레벨업하고 아이템을 얻도록 내버려두질 않는다.

Q: 갑자기 실력이 급속도로 상승한 이유는?
A: Ted랑 WFZ에게 배워서 그런듯. 나는 리플레이를 주의깊게 보고 모든 상황에서 완벽한 빌드오더와 완벽한 타이밍을 찾으려 노력한다.
120선수 중국이름이 Yi Er Ling인데 이게 숫자 1, 2, 0 이랑 발음이 같네요.  그래서 아이디를 eer0으로 만든거네요.
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