(W3Arena) So.in interview | Dreams come true

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So.in interview | Dreams come true

Published Sat Oct 01, 2016 by Ugrilainen
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I have to admit I did not know anything about this player 3690928678_B20RjOH7_77ca465caeffaf6289b7 So.in that qualified for GCS in Shanghai. He lost early but was drafted back after 3690928678_64n7LpOa_2b72346bbe79dd48e550 Anima dropped out. I went to get some information from Neo that did not have much to share. I thought it was a good occasion to set up an interview that would bring some light on this player that did a little miracle two week ago.

-So, let's start with your introduction. Can you give us your name, age, where do you live and what do you do beside Warcraft?

Hello everyone. My name is Jeon JinHwan (Jeon is my family name). I am 24 and live in Incheon, Korea (Incheon is near Seoul). I am a university student majoring in mechanical engineering.


- I think you have a part time job as well? Yeonhwa (Korean players manager) told me that

Oh yes I have one. In fact, I want to be a teacher so I teach in high-schools and middle-schools. That is my part time job.

- You seem very busy. When do you have time to play Warcraft 3?

As I study during the week, I start playing around 9~10 PM when I come back home for 2 to 3 hours. And as I work on weekends, I cannot play then.

- That is not much time of practice! How will you organize yourself to go to Shanghai with your studies and your job?

Ah...That is my biggest worry. I hope I can delay my part time job. But in my University, I need to talk to my professors about it.

- Can you tell us what is the meaning of your nickname "So.in"?

Ah many Koreans ask me that. Pronunciation is "Soin", it designs a little person or a young person in Korea. I made this account when I was 14 years old, I wanted to show my strength and youth back then!

- That is ok, you are still young!

Thanks to say so :)


A young and strong Korean player!

- When did you start to play Warcraft 3?

When I was 11 I asked my mom to buy me a War3 CD for Christmas.

- So it was nearly right when the game came out.


- Why did you chose to play Orc? Were you a Lyn fan?

No, when I chose orc, there were no 3690928678_B20RjOH7_77ca465caeffaf6289b7 Lyn yet. I was a fan of a player named "NangManOrc"

- NangManOrc?

Yes, maybe old Koreans War3 fans can remember him. Now he does not play anymore, you cannot know him.

- You ever played an offline tournament before?

Never, this will be my first experience.

- Ok, it will be easy don't worry ;)

I wished to play in an offline tournament since I was a little boy. I achieved my dream :D

- Did you ever meet with any of the most famous Koreans players? 

Yes with Lawliet, Focus, Sok, Believe... A1 team members are so close with each other.

- I assume you are part of clan A1? I do not really follow clan wars...

Ah, yes I am a A1 player. A.1st_So.in is my ID.

- You ever played any Gera Cup with your A1 Team members?

Sometimes I play Gera Cups

- What is your best result there?

I do not remember precisely, maybe final 8.

- About Netease tournament, the first day you lose all your games against 3690928678_TvS0j3XB_5782bc0acb5ba575a465 Lucifer and 3690928678_64n7LpOa_2b72346bbe79dd48e550 Anima. Then Anima drops. Then what happened?

I will tell you how it happened. On Saturday i lost all my games as you know. But Anima is busy on Sunday, so he wants to delay the group to the next day.

- Yes I know this story, one player (Sonik) refused to postpone

Yes, so I went to replace Anima. I heard this was a Netease rule that all opponent must agree on the postponing. So I played my best.


So.in was supposed to take a quick exit


- When did you learn you had to play?

30 minutes in advance? On Sunday I wanted to play Gera Cup, but it had been cancelled and I was disappointed a little bit. At the same moment, the manager told me to go on Netease to go play the tournament!

- I suppose your favorite matchup is against Night Elves (he won against 3690928678_fdKmai18_c4b994a4eb45475534a4 Foggy and 3690928678_fdKmai18_c4b994a4eb45475534a4 SOnik)

Yes these days this is my favorite matchup. It was a very good group for me.

- You often beat Foggy and Sonik on the ladder?

I probably have lost more than I won but I rarely meet them.

- Which were the toughest games in this group?

Game 2 and 3 against Sonik and game 1 against Sok. I heard that day that Foggy had so much lag, he could not play his best.

- That is too bad for our Foggy, he came close to qualifying twice (He lost the previous qualifier to WFZ in final)



Nobody really expected So.in to qualify


- Is there anything I did not ask you wished I did. Or something you really want to say?

I feel a little uncomfortable about my qualification since I lost in the round of 32 against Lucifer and Anima.

- Oh No need to be. Do you know about Denmark 1992 in football?

No, I was just born in 1992...

(this one made me feel old, anyway...)

There were eliminated in the Qualification round by Yugoslavia, then Yugoslavia dropped because of the War there. Denmark won the whole tournament and they are remembered to this day as one of the greatest team in Europe!


Denmark won 2-0 against Germany in Final of Euro 1992

Haha... I still feel a little uncomfortable. I will have to show what I can do in China.

- Yes, just win more games and you will feel comfortable :). I hope to see you in Shanghai and I wish you good luck for your tournament and your studies!

Thank you for interviewing. This is a good time for me!



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