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W3Arena Interivew | Lucifer : Bad odds, good spirit

Gold 리그 Spring 시즌 조별리그 기간에 W3Arena 에서 진행한 인터뷰입니다.


* 출처 - http://tft.w3arena.net/news/details/290/Lucifer++Bad+odds+good+spirit/




Lucifer : Bad odds, good spirit

Published Tue May 24, 2016 by Ugrilainen
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With a series of articles, W3arena will try to make you feel the atmosphere of the Golden Championship Series S2 and help you get to know the Asian players better.


Interview Conditions :

When : Day 2 of Group B, before Yumiko went to play vs Fly. Met him twice after.

Where : Outside of the practice room, during the cigarette break.


This was my arrival on site on my first reporting day. The practice room was crowded, focused and it was difficult to feel comfortable approaching the players. As Lucifer agreed for an interview on QQ before, I waited for him outside for his cigarette break. I was nervous, he was very kind and patient with me!


The UD community was amazed on how you won the first Gera Cup as an UD after 60 edifions!

At the end of the event, I had to play vs Hawk and Sok. I felt confident as my best matchup is vs HU. Unlike the Chinese UD that cannot beat Humans and win often vs NE. NE and mirror are my worst matchup.


Considering that you are about to play 120, and may have to play Foggy at some point, it does not sound too good!



Did you ever play vs 120 before?

It will be the first time we play. He is the best UD in the world at the moment. He is very young, and his micro is amazing. I came to Shanghai one week in advance just to train.


Can you compare the current Wc3 scene with the Oldschool scene like in 2008?

Now the competition is tough.


The skill is higher now?



Can you tell us your thoughts about the return of the best Korean players of all times (Lyn, Moon...)

In 2013 there was a risk that the WC3 would die. Now it is very active and their return is amazing. There is no more player in the army now.


Who is the best UD of all times (beside you!)

/he refused to chose, despite me insisting!/


A word on the Korean players Gostop, Susiria and Soccer? Still in touch?

They totally stopped WC3. Soccer, I so not have any news from him. GoStop is having a normal life, Susiria is married and has one kid.


Normal life, you mean your life is not normal ;) ?



What would you like to see in the next patch?

I would like a buff on ziggurats, and a nerf on the BM maybe. Blizzard did not send the form to Korean players, only to Chinese. So I guess Humans will be even more imba!


That was just a great interview, thank you Lucifer!




Now a word of one of my favorite moment during GCS

Foggy lost 2-1 vs Lyn and Lucifer 2-0 vs 120. Lucifer and Foggy will fight for the right to stay alive in the tournament. They went to the stage building, waiting for the shoutcasted RPG game to end before playing.

I am not sure if the stage is off limit to me. I do not have an admin to ask, so I just go. The building door is locked, need the digicode!

Im stuck but providence is on my side. A pizza delivery man is blocked as well, calls whoever made the order and opens the door.

I see Lucifer in a chair checking his phone. Foggy is upstair in the technical room where they control all the broadcast. I join him, Lucifer joins us. You feel the tension of this very important game. But the RPG game drags on. I do not understand ANYTHING about it, I am not the only one...


Lucifer : w** is that game?

Foggy : I do not know I don't understand anything...


Foggy to Lucifer : it's good that we lost Round 1 bc I would not know how to play! (Lyn and 120 went to play the RPG as winners, and it is streamed to thousand of viewers!)

Ugri : Who is winning?

Lucifer : Man, I don't know, I dont understand... how much longer??

Foggy : I think it ends soon, they just removed the camera from the players on screen?



20 mn later...

Lucifer : Aaaaaah why so long?

A big green DK with crazy dps appears on screen.

Lucifer : Oh, I want this DK!



RPG game ends, the players go on stage. GL GUYS!

I met Lucifer afterwards, he was not happy about the way he played (lost 2-0 to Foggy and got eliminated). He felt very nervous and made mistakes. You can have so much experience and so much talent, it is sometimes hard to not feel the pressure on stage!

GL Lucifer, Europe loves you!

link to his stream channel : Lucifer owning

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※ W3Arena Interivew 

* 120 - http://www.war3.kr/bbs/board.php?bo_table=free&wr_id=4761

* Lucifer - http://www.war3.kr/bbs/board.php?bo_table=free&wr_id=4801

* Lyn - http://www.war3.kr/bbs/board.php?bo_table=free&wr_id=4802


1 사막 2016.06.13 16:48  
루시퍼 : 특이한 녀석, 훌륭한 영혼

연속기획물로 w3아레나에서는 골드리그 시즌2의 분위기를 느끼게 해드리고 또한 아시어 선수들을 좀 더 알게 되도록
도와드리려고 한다.

인터뷰 상황:
일시 : 그룹B 2일차 유미코와 플라이의 경기전. 후에 2번 만남
장소 : 담배타임 동안 연습실 밖

이 인터뷰는 장소에 도착하고 처음 진행한 것이었다. 연습실은 붐볐고 선수들에게 쉽사리 말을 걸기가 어려웠다.
루시퍼가 QQ와의 인터뷰를 진행하고 있었기 때문에 나는 그의 담배타임을 기다렸다. 나는 매우 당혹스러웠지만
그는 매우 친절하고 인내심을 보여주었다.

루시퍼가 60회만에 처음으로 게라컵에서 우승한 것을 두고 언데드 커뮤니티에서는 난리가 났었다.

4강과 결승에서 나는 호크와 속과 플레이를 해야겠다. 당시 최고의 매치업 자신은 휴먼과 있었다.
중국언데가 휴먼에 약점이 있지만 나는 나엘전과 동족전에서 약점이 있다.

당신이 120과의 플레이를 앞둔 것과 포기와 어떤 시점에서 붙을 것을 고려해본다면 안좋은 소식으로 들린다.


120과 플레이해본 것이 있는가?

처음해본다. 그는 아마 현존 세계 최고의 언데드이다. 그는 젊고 마이크로 컨트롤이 놀랍다. 난 상하이에 연습을 위해
일주일 먼저 도착했다.

현재의 w3 씬과 2008년을 비교해본다면?

경쟁이 치열하다.

선수들의 기량이 높아졌나?


최고의 기량을 펼쳤던 한국선수들의 귀환에 대해 어떻게 생각하는가?(린,문 ...)

wc3는 2013년 당시 거의 사장될뻔했다. 그러나 현재는 활성화되었고 그들의 귀환은 놀랍다. 현재 우리가 보유한

전력중 그들보다 나은 선수는 없을 것이다.

현재까지를 통틀어 누가 최고의 언데드인가?(당신을 제외하고)

그는 대답을 거절했다.

한국플레이어 "고스톱" "수시리아" "싸커"에 대해 한마디해달라 여전히 연락이 되는가?

그들은 거의 w3를 접었다. 그래서 받은 소식이 없다. 고스톱은 평범한 삶을 산다고 하며 수시리아는 결혼하여 한명의 자녀가 있다.

다음패치에서 기대하는게 있다면?

지구랏에 대한 버프가 필요하다고 보며 블마에 대해 너프가 필요하다고 본다. 블리자드에서는 중국선수들에게만 의견서를 보내고
한국선수들에게는 보내지 않았다. 그래서 내 생각엔 휴먼이 버프되지 않을까 ㅜㅜ

인터뷰 감사합니다.

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